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Rhoden feat. DJ working guns

Indlæg: 5. jun 2012, 18:31
af TheCzech
In this training video, Shawn Rhoden and Dennis James go through a heavy, high volume and fast paced bicep and tricep workout. Rhoden is recovering from a hernia surgery, but he's already started his diet for his next IFBB Pro contest.

Rhoden also was teasing/enticing the huge and ripped Dennis James to toss his hat into the Masters Olympia. Who wouldn't want another legend that's in shape to step on stage and display the health of bodybuilding. ... ank-it-gym

jebus få nu styr på videokvaliteten.

Re: Rhoden feat. DJ working guns

Indlæg: 17. jun 2012, 00:59
af Mågens
Så har videoen ramt youtube: